City Scape



Jimmy "Banjoman" Lee

Banjoman started playing banjo when he was just a young boy. Taught by his grandfather, he became a master of the intstrument by the time he was a teenager. He was played in Nashville, New York City, and California. He brought the band together as he met other talented musicians through his travels.



George "Bassman" Tucker

Bassman studied the Cello as a young boy, but as a teenager, found a love for blues. He applied his knowledge of playing Cello to playing the Bass. When Jimmy Lee heard him playing on the streets of California, he knew he had found his "Bassman".



Ethan "Guitarman" Brown

Guitarman made a modest living playing the guitar on the Nashville "Honkey Tonk." But when "Banjoman" heard him play in a bar one night, he knew he had found his "Guitarman". Born and raised in Nashville, "Guitarman" has been playing the guitar and singing since he was five years old. After losing the love of his life to a tragic accident shortyly before they were married, "Guitarman" knew how to sing the blues.



Tommy "BluesMan" Skye

Only a true "BluesMan" can sing the blues like Tommy "Bluesman" Skye. Unlike his fellow band members, "Bluesman" enjoyed a prosperous career in New York City entertaining in night clubs and shows. But when he met "Banjoman" his life changed forever when he joined the Blues City Band.