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Blues City Band Wins Music Awards!

Blues City Band wins the Blues America Award for best Blues Band in the nation. The band competed against nearly thirty other bands to win this award. The band members celebrated by offering a free concert in honor of their fans at the Radio City Music Hall in Nashville, TN. It was a night of glitter and excitement, seasoned with good music and good food. Blues City Band members thanked their fans for their loval support.

Blues City Band has traveled extensively across the United States. Their goal is to keep blues music alive in the hearts of everyone. Lead singer, Jimmy Lee, was quick to point out that everyone can relate to the blues. "It is music of the heart and soul," says Jimmy Lee. "Everyone can sing the blues!"


Blues City Band Offers Free Concert to Cancer Patients

Blues City Band members, Jimmy Lee, George Tucker, Ethan Brown and Tommy Smith shared an afternoon of music and encouragement to the cancer patients and Memorial Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. When they learned that many of the patients were faithful fans, the Blues City Band made the effort to spend an afternoon entertaining the crowd.

The patients really enjoyed the concert. Some just sat quietly listening, while others were singing and clapping along with the group. It wasn't long before people were dancing to the beat across the hospital floor. It was a great time by all!