Imbued Vagary
      L to R:     Ttam Troll, Thee Sub One Genius, mc2p4

Matt Norcross aka Ttam Troll

Living in the shadows of the Limerick Power Plant, Ttam Troll describes himself as the "first mutant to ascend from the plasma pool after the Cy-Tech Wars. Skilled in cybernetics and data manipulation. Exhibits an extreme appetite for blood and kills for his own pleasure."

M. Scott McConnell aka mC2p4

He is described as "the result of Ttam Troll's first cybernetic experiment. Created from flesh and circuitry of the last age. Completely autonomous with adaptive brain circuitry. Contains detailed ROM-based memory files on neutralizing matter."

David Chandler aka Thee Sub One Genius

Ttam Troll describes him as being "formed from the afterbirth of the plasma pool. This subhuman entity delivers beat architecture and is now a sonic explorer."


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