Imbued Vagary

"To fill with odd things"

This seems to sum up the attitudes of the members of Imbued Vagary. "This is actually a side project," explains Ttam Troll. "Through years of Any Questions? (their original musical endeavor) song ideas, we had a number of different ideas that didn't fit the Any Questions? mold. Imbued Vagary has now become our outlet for these synthetic tapestries of pure electronic sound."

Today, Imbued Vagary (nicknamed IV) typically consists of Thee Sub One Genius, mC2p4, and Ttam Troll in live execution mode. However, IV is truly at its core a musical collective consisting of many other members that meet semi-regularly for “Synth Jams”. These “Synth Jams” provide many of the frameworks we later incorporate into our live performances.

These revolving members include Steve O Man and Paul Doppelganga from Klockenhouzer, Ho Magos, Dan “The Man”, and the ever elusive LTJTHC whom all contribute their talents to the overall box of tricks before you now. So without further adieu, I now open the lid and lead you into the crazy, strange, and frighteningly wonderful world of oddness that is Imbued Vagary.

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