Imbued Vagary is editing audio and video from their 2016 and 2017 FFS Synth Jam Sessions to compile into 3 new releases. One audio release, tentatively titled Wheels of Steel, will feature the turntablism of Paul Polidoro (aka Paul Doppelganga from Klockenhouzer). The second audio release will be a collection of harsh noise soundscapes and the third will be a video release encompassing all of Imbued Vagary’s video output.


Interview by Derek Robillard for Shape Art Gallery, Shippensburg, PA

What prompted you to put on this show?

We (Imbued Vagary) had originally spoken with SHAPE member, Mark Wojciechowski about joining us on stage this past summer for the SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival but, due to both of our busy schedules, that didn’t work out. Shortly afterwards, I floated the idea to Mark about setting up an Experimental/Noise show at the SHAPE gallery to tie in with September’s Abstract exhibit. Again, the timing wasn’t quite right but now, here we are in October, the Season of the Witch. The perfect time for a show featuring this type of music.

Have you played with any of the other groups before?

We’ve performed on the same stage as Guillermo Pizarro and Christopher Feltner on many occasions. Guillermo’s ambient drone performances and Christopher’s spoken word performance art pieces are always cutting edge and should certainly not be missed. These are one-of-a-kind performances that you need to be there to experience. We’re also looking forward to witnessing the debut of Bore Hole.

Is this the kind of thing you’d like to do more than once?

Absolutely! It’s nice to perform for the community where we grew up and to show our support of the arts. When we were growing up (’70s & ’80s), we did not have organizations like SHAPE to help nurture and showcase the artistic pursuits of local residents. In this regard, we feel that SHAPE plays a vital role in the community so we are very proud to be part of this show and to help support them.

Shippensburg isn’t exactly known for having hosted many groups that don’t fall under rock and roll. What impact do you think this show will have on the community?

Yes, you’re right, Shippensburg is not known for it’s diverse musical acumen. In fact, I would be willing to bet that this Experimental/Noise show will be the first of it’s kind in the town. However, though this may be a first for the community, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an audience for it. We grew up in this community and we would have loved to have been exposed to live music like this. Someone needs to be the first to drop the pebble into the water and then watch the ripples form. We’ll be that someone but we’ll slam the pebble in noisily!

The Imbued Vagary Facebook page says “This is actually a side project.” Care to go into detail on that?

Imbued Vagary - "to fill with odd things"

Imbued Vagary was initially the repository for all those pieces that Any Questions? (our main project) had created and recorded but did not seem to find their way into our actual album releases. After a decade of work on Any Questions? material, we were ready to look back at the earlier, non - Any Questions?, world of musical mayhem and sonic landscapes that we had created. Even though the earlier works were usually live improvs and less produced, they captured moments we felt were important and that we wanted to share. electronique, released in October 2001 was the realization of this aesthetic.

Fast forward to 02/20/10, Floating Fish Studios held its first in a series of Synth Jam Sessions. This series, which continues to this day, provides a forum for our fellow musical collaborators to create improvisational electronic music within the freedom of our state-of-the-art recording studios. The musical backgrounds of the ensembles gathered for each session influence the eclectic nature of the sonic experimentations produced. This also applies to our live performances. So, the Imbued Vagary aesthetic lives on.

How would you describe your music to someone unfamiliar to the genre?

For this performance, our Imbued Vagary - Noise Unit shall be deployed. Led by core members Matt Norcross (Ttam Troll - Synthesizers) and M Scott McConnell (mC2p4 - Synthesizers), this extreme music unit showcases the harsher side of our Imbued Vagary collective. Synthesis, sampling, and special effects will meld together to form our harsh and noisy sonic experiments.

For the uninitiated, think Heavy Metal music but without guitars, drums, or vocals. Performed solely with synthesizers.

Will you, or any of the other groups, have anything for sale at this event?

Yes, we will be showcasing a trilogy of our latest Imbued Vagary releases as well as the full catalog from our record label. There will be special show pricing for these releases but you can also decide to purchase our Imbued Vagary - Live CD directly from SHAPE. It’s a collection of our best live performances at the SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival and SHAPE Gallery. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go directly to SHAPE and help support it’s many programs and events.

Guillermo Pizarro and Christopher Feltner should also have items for sale.

Will there be refreshments at this event?

It is rumored that there may be a food truck stationed directly outside the gallery for this event. However, that is unconfirmed. Please check with SHAPE on this.

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