Interview with Richard Curtis producer of Love Actually

This interview appeared in Elle Magazine online; November 6, 2013. Written by Jessica Grose.

Why, 10 Years Later, 'Love Actually' Is Still One of the Greatest Holiday Films

Richard Curtis Is a True Romantic. "As a young man, love took up most of my time." Curtis says. When they were auditioning for the 10-year-old boy, Thomas, they were having a hard time finding someone because the boys didn't understand what being in love was about. But Curtis remembers falling in love with girls when he was just a wee one. "When I was four I fell in love with a girl called Jill and then at seven, with a girl called Tracy. I was always very, very liable to fall in love. In my twenties and thirties, I got my heart broken really badly," he says. "The three things that matter most to me in life and give me most of my joy and all of my sorrow are friends, family, and love, which is why I write about them. Super heroes or serial killers or armies, it's not my business to write about that."