Tad is from Adelaide, Australia and began his singing career with the Boys Choir of Adelaide when he was eight years old. He later headed a band with some high school mates before going off to the university. It was there he met Eric and Brennon and they hit it off right away. He doesn't believe in singing songs others wrote, so no remakes here.


Brennon hails from HolloHolloway, Australia and met up with Tad at the university. He claims he’s been playing the guitar since he was one, and it sure sounds like he’s had a life time experience with it.

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Once in a while Erik surprises us when we let him out from behind the keyboards. He’s not all the techno geek he pretends to be, adjusting synthesizers and pounding the keys. He was the last to fall into place with the Dust Bunnies, but he completes them.